Sunday, August 22, 2010

WOW!!! How Long has it been?

I would so be fired if I got paid for doing this! LOL!! I never was good at writing in a journal or a diary. Who has time....right?
Life around here has been super busy. We have taken on some commercial work, re-doing our home, and just life in general.  NEVER......I repeat....NEVER....gut 2 bathrooms and a kitchen ALL at the same time! I learned my lesson quickly over the about a nightmare! OMG! But now it is all almost put back together and finished. Just have a few little tweaks and it will be time to enjoy it. By the holidays it should be totally AWESOME!
I am really excited to share the new fall line I recently photographed from Art & Soul Boutique by Bercot. Kristine Bercot has a beautiful and creative collection this fall.......featuring Carson in the Folklore Collection.  Please visit her online shop at or
(They both go to the same site.)  She has graciously offered $10 off your order this fall for all of my followers. More details for this coming soon!!! So check back in the next week or so and I'll give you the code for your discount. You are going to LOVE this collection! :) off to share these little sneaks with you and then its time to edit, edit, edit......

Until next time.......

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Check This Out!!!

Be sure and check out Skye Hardwicks Workshop Workbook!!

Skye is a fantastic photographer and teacher. Also it will help me to try and win a FREE Workshop Workbook! ;)
Back later with some sneaks.
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lazy Sunday......

Sharing some of our latest modeling and out the door for more.

Until next time........

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Senior 2010

Do you remember being a Senior??? That special year in high school when you thought you were on cloud nine? You thought you were grown, life was just about to begin, freedom.....I remember that year well. Graduation 2010 is just right around the corner. Here is a little sneak from a session I did recently with a Senior...she is gorgeous and extremely photogenic. Hope you enjoy these Miss B and JuJu....

Until next time.....................

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

We had a beautiful day today. Lots of time with family. Nothing like it. Up early and church with the entire family. Beautiful service and the music was outstanding. Came home to dinner at our house and enjoyed food and fellowship. Lots of egg hunting, children laughing, chocolate bunnies and peeps!  I hope that each one of you had a blessed Easter and remember the true meaning of today. :)

Until next time............

Friday, March 19, 2010

Get Ready!

Up and working on my photos from Savannah. Boy I didn't realize there were so many! I think Savannah is my all-time favorite place I have ever been. It was simply beautiful. I could live there.

While you are waiting on my update....Check out this  blog:  The World of Patrice

Patrice is a fantastic photographer and a fabulous designer! She has been around in the design world for several years and I have always loved her designs.

So stay tuned for pictures and an update on Savannah.

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Spring Break

Stay tuned for lots of back soon! :)

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